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News and innovations published by German exhibitors

New research facility

Recently a new building on the grounds of the DITF in Denkendorf is installed. The brown, textile building envelope suggests that this is not an ordinary residential building. The "ForschungsKUBUS" is a closed research building with an area of about 40 square meters, which is available for...

Exhibitor: DITF Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf

High temperature resistant nonwovens made from ultrafine high performance polymers

Finest fibers ( 1 μm) enable new applications in the field of protective clothing, hot gas particulate filters, battery separators and fuel cell membranes. Current equipment is limited in terms of high temperature and pressure loading. Currently, a special energy-optimized micro fiber...

Exhibitor: DITF Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf

News and innovations

Another important topic for DORNIER is reliability. DORNIER weaving machines show unique performance and process reliability, especially in the production segments for technical textiles with the highest demands on the fabrics. This results from the continuous exchange of ideas with customers,...

Exhibitor: DORNIER - Lindauer DORNIER GmbH

Smart Textiles

Smart Textiles are a combination of electronics, software and textiles. This extraordinary combination creates new textile products that can heat or shine. While integrating sensors, textiles can interact with their environment. At Eschler we develop customized Smart Textiles based on warp...

Exhibitor: Eschler Textil GmbH

fibercomfort® - heat and Sound insulation material

fibercomfort ® - the product line for insulation in buildings and technical applications. These textiles are gentle on the skin and offer optimum heat insulation in residential buildings, industrial buildings and offices. At the same time, they enable the creation of customized, appealing...

Exhibitor: Sandler AG

enAirsave® - synthetic filter medium

The new synthetic filter medium sawascreen ® enAIRsave ® combines optimum performance and reduced energy usage, complying with latest norms and classifications. The combination of several filtering layers makes enAIRsave ® an ideal depth filter medium. Different layers and the...

Exhibitor: Sandler AG

sawasorb® advanced - absorber for the transportation industry

The sawasorb ® advanced product line combines high acoustic efficiency with lightweight construction for resource conservation. The nonwovens feature excellent sound absorption throughout the frequency range at low product thickness. At a thickness of just 6 mm, sawasorb ® advanced...

Exhibitor: Sandler AG

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