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About us

Eschler Textil, a subsidiary of the Schoeller Textiles Group, is specialized on customized and innovative warp-knitted fabrics for a variety of technical applications.

As competent partner we offer sustainable developed fabrics in five product groups:

  • medical

  • cleaning

  • special

  • base-layer

  • and smart textiles.

    Eschler offers medical textiles for therapeutic applications such as wound dressings, OP use and the orthopaedic sector.

    We offer a broad range of the most diverse cleaning articles, which are processed further to make cloths and covers for cleaning.

    In the field of special textiles we develop custom-made fabrics. These include velours, nets, towelling materials or spacer fabrics suitable for the most diverse range of applications.

    Our base-layers for functional coatings and membranes fulfill the highest requirements and offer individual solutions.

    In our new sector Smart Textiles we develop customized warp knitted fabrics and focus on the fields of lighting, heating and sensors.

    From the idea to the finished product - Eschler stands for "100% Made in Germany".

Products and services

Eschler Textil GmbH, a subsidiary of the Schoeller Textil AG, is a specialist in high-tech knitted fabrics and is regarded as a competent partner for innovative fabric developments for technical application purposes.

Products manufactured in the extended, highly-modern production facilities in Balingen include fabrics for medical and orthopaedic sector, carrier materials for laminates and coating, cleaning textiles and numerous further special developments e.g. smart textiles. With many years of experience, Eschler is highly skilled in both traditional and innovative manufacturing processes.

The various knitting technologies are united under one roof with the product spectrum extending from two-dimensional qualities such as velour, mesh, elastic knit fabrics and loop pile to the three-dimensional area and innovative spacer fabrics.

With its strong network of partners, Eschler offers the entire spectrum of further finishing technologies. From the idea to the finished product - Eschler stands for "100 % Made in Germany".

Cleaning Textiles-sustainable and efficient

Cleaning Textiles-sustainable and efficient

For the professional cleaning of buildings as well as for high quality cleaning products, the environment is the main priority. For many textiles the use of chemicals & cleaners can be reduced based on the textile construction. Eschler Textil is still a leader when it comes to perfectly matched high-performance textiles for a wide variety of cleaning needs. Even the high requirements for a clean room can be fulfilled with Eschler Textil cleaning textiles.

Warp knit velour

Warp knit velour

In most bandages as well as in orthotics you will find the versatile velour developed and produced by Eschler Textil. Through years of experience at all stages of processing, it is possible to develop application specific solutions together with the customer. Depending on requirements, parameters such as peel an shear forces, elasticity and material selection vary.

3D-innovative spacer fabrics

3D-innovative spacer fabrics

At Eschler Textile 3D textiles are created with the most diverse structures both on the two outer sides of the product as well as inside. The connecting threads between the two product surfaces, so-called pile layer is interrupted e.g. at defined locations, so that check or stripe optics arise. Elastic spacer qualities are also part of the assortment and can be used in flexible, bi-elastic 3D bandages.

News & Innovations

Smart Textiles 

Smart Textiles are a combination of electronics, software and textiles. This extraordinary combination creates new textile products that can heat or shine. While integrating sensors, textiles can interact with their environment.

At Eschler we develop customized Smart Textiles based on warp knitted fabrics and focus on the fields of lighting, heating and sensors.

The latest development is a smart wall system that can create an atmospheric ambience. The intelligent layer structure of the textile wall system causes a homogeneous distribution of the originally punctual LED light source, additionally the overall structure of the wall system optimizes the interior acoustics.

In close collaboration with our mother company Schoeller Textil AG we developed a textile heating system. The material is designed by the meter an can be individually tailored and contacted.

Eschler textile sensors can be used for the detection of humidity and pressure.


Eschler Textil GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 10
72336 Balingen

Phone: +49 7433 99240

Stefan, Lohrer
Head of Sales
Phone: +49 7433 992422

Schoeller Textil USA, Inc.
38R Merrimac Str. Suite 204
01950 Newburyport, MA

Phone: +1 978 2256030

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